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[actor] rachael; beauty or shame
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as a rule of thumb, i'll add you back, unless you've written something in your journal that sounds a little stinky.

[actor] rachael; beauty or shame
Dear States of Australia,

I have come to the recent but inescapable conclusion that you have been living in lovely, temperate weather patterns for too long. Yes, you boil come Summer every year, but you know what, SHUT THE FRACK UP YOU DON'T GET SNOWED ON.

As such, I have seen it fit to commence weeks of much fuckery with you. Since I finished with the UK the other day, and my 5000 piece puzzle of a rainforest last night, I've been bored.

Terms and Conditions:

Queensland: You will drown. Period. You will be hot and sticky and wet, as always, but I've been on a huge video game high lately so from now on I'm going to make you row a dinghy to work as you attempt to avoid crocodiles. Also, I'll take a few hundred of your houses. Ta.

New South Wales: ALL ABOUT THE MIND GAMES, BABY. 45C on Monday. 14C on Wednesday. Rain on Tuesday. A few thunderstorms for Thursday. Should you take your jumper? What about your raincoat? Longsleeves? Shorts? Thongs or shoes? MWA HA HA HA HA! This is going to be too much fun. (Also, just a friendly heads-up, you should save yourselves some money and fire all your weathermen. They won't be worth shit for a few weeks to come. Particularly that one on Ten. But he's a douchebag all the time so fire him anyway.)

Australian Capital Territory: Somehow you have managed to create your own weather independent of the South Walers. For that, I will give you a year off.

Victoria: BURN, BABY, BURN. No, I didn't order a fire on your ass - that was your own fracked up selves that lit those. But you know what, in an attempt to remove said assholes, I'm gonna heat your winds up a few degrees for fun. I also like the look of Central Australia this time of year. Maybe I can be even more of an moron and try and emulate that a little further south...

Northern Territory: You get fucked every year. Things will remain so.

Western Australia: You are too big and I haven't had my morning shower yet so I can't be bothered screwing with you right now. I will PM you later.

Tasmania: Oh my God, you've already dug yourselves out of the snow? Shite. Well, I didn't expect that till mid-April, so... hang tight.

See y'all in Autumn.

Much love,

The Weather
[music] beatles; little drummer boy
I have the hiccups.

[tv] sga; muse breaks
Who thinks I should start watching this weird, mysterious, totally unknown show called Battlestar Gallactica?

If it helps, I'm a big Stargate and Farscape fan, though never got into Star Trek or any other spacey sci-fi shows. The only real question I have is: is it ever funny? I love very dramatic sci-fi, but I can't get through a whole series comfortably if it doesn't make me laugh every so often.

Of course, totally in my style, as it comes to an end I will probably ignite a small passion for it, a la SG-1.

EDIT: Does it have sexy people dressed in leather?

[actor] rachael; beauty or shame
for those who missed it.

interactive obama dnc speech / transcript

i'm not a mad-happy obama "fanatic", but i think i'd be happy enough (as an aussie) if he won office. and come on, even if you're a cainer, you can't disagree that the man's got it. the kennedy boys had it, fdr had it, i think that washington and lincoln probably "had it" in their respective contextual time periods. it really is about time that the US got itself another cool one.

i really admired the fact that the race issue was largely avoided on the night (despite it being the 45th [?] anniversary of mlk's march on washington), because really, it shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not he gets elected, be it a positive or negative in your eyes. he did allude to mlk's speech at one point though, which was nice: "america, we can't turn back. not with so much to be done." clever dick.

and if nothing else, i'd vote for the guy just to get his speech writers into office. i wouldn't mind listening to americans prattle on (no offense, guys) if they all sounded like this guy.

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29th Aug 2008 - screw winter.
[actor] rachael; beauty or shame
i am typing this from a hammock.

it is fucking awesome.

that is all for today.

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[actor] rachael; beauty or shame

red wine stain on your jeans, and don't forget to indicate.

music for those mornings after when you're not quite sure whether you're more scared of falling asleep at the wheel or inadvertently ruining the upholstery. greasy fry-up churning in your belly and the volume turned down to five, you're a rocker but your head's not quite co-operating.


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29th Jul 2008 - I Missed You, Football.
[actor] rachael; beauty or shame
Well, I'll start with the most recent, and I'll get this out of my system while people are still actually discussing it: Batman.

I finally went and saw it last night. Well, it was actually this morning: I went to a midnight showing at the IMAX, because it was either that or 2:30am and I do still have a few cells left functioning in the reason realm of my brain.

I really only have three words: It. Was. Cool.

flisty friendlyCollapse )

It kind of sums it up when you leave the theatre and the only complaint you hear is, "I hated it because there wasn't enough of it." I think I'm going to go see it again tonight, at a normal theatre, so I don't constantly feel like I'm gonna fall out of my chair any time Batman decides to jump out of a window to catch someone. Plus, if there's any film out there right now that could inspire people to pay to see stuff at the cinema and not download a shitty videotaped copy to watch on their 12-inch laptop, it's this one. You really, really need to see it on an abhorrently large screen to get all of the awesomeness that it is.

NEXT: I know you all probably heard this... what, forever ago, or something, but I've been slightly out of the loop and I cannot believe that I missed THIS of all things:





I say again: What. The. Fuck? How... when... why did it take me this long to find this out? (P.S. How adorable does he look in that photo?)

I only just watched 4.08 and 4.09 of DW last night (which were both very good, I should add) so, um, THANK YOU ALMIGHTY DOCTOR WHO GODS OF AWESOMENESS.

Today is now officially dubbed my, "I Love Everyone and Everyone Should Love the Moffat Day". Everyone gets cake.

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[actor] rachael; beauty or shame
Wow, no post in over two weeks. Go me.

Much has happened in that time, but the only really important bit is:


Oh. My. God.

To anyone and everyone who suggested I get the series while I was in Melbourne - Thank You. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart - Thank You. Quite seriously, I have never been so taken by a show like this since Doctor Who. It is just so much bloody fun. And come on, a sci-fi show that actually deals with Einstein's theories of relativity and space-time with a bit of respect, significance and intelligence? So awesome. Except the hyper-lightspeed travel, and you know, actual wormhole travel... but I'm sure there are completely logical explanations for those...

The one aspect of this brilliant discovery that I do hate is that apparently primary characters die. Um, not cool. I know it's ten seasons long, so kind of inevitable, but come on! It's been ages since I've found a tv show with an ensemble cast that I actually like as a whole! There is something I like about every single one of them. And every single time one of them almost dies (or does die), I can only cope because I'll have already seen the icon screencap for one of the next episodes and that character's face will have been in it. The worst bit is that one of them will die, permanently, and I'll just have this forlorn, prolonged hope that they'll just magically jump into a Sarcophagus or be sent to the Nox and be all better. Even Teal'c, who when I first met him, seemed that he would just persist as a stone-cold alien warrior, has turned into the coolest extra-terrestrial ever. The thesaurus/colloquialism jokes never get old.

But seriously, if you're a sci-fan, or even if you're not, go get an episode of Stargate: SG-1. Now. Stop reading and do it.

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[actor] rachael; beauty or shame
I love you all. You're completely brilliant and bonkers and wonderful. Your exquisitely random and farcical posts today full of pretty, hate, fannishness, geekness, insanity and higgledy-piggledy have made my relatively shit day full of candy again. Just thought you all should know.

I'm now off to fall on the floor because it's 3am and I have a plane to catch at 10am. I am totally not going to get on the wrong flight.

(And yes, I really am listening to the song in my subject. This is who you are friends with you foolish people.)

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