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words. words.

"We only know what we're told, and that's little enough. And for all we know it isn't even true."
- tom stoppard
about. sam/hewey. 19. australian. camera assistant. international affairs student. film school grad. sarcastic. epically stubborn. abnormally calm. thinks a little too much. technology geek. science nerd. sports freak. chocoholic. pubber. bar-hopper. traveler. night owl. photographer. footballer. lfc supporter.

loves. irn bru. good scripts. sexual tension. proper grammar. boys (and muscular upper backs). sleeping. new music. work. good wine. good beer. good bourbon. roast chicken. cinemas. water. film stock. macs. playlists. salad. the sound of vinyl. camping. funny typos. the hemingford arms. world politics. the thrill of the chase. new handwriting. organised laptops. laughing till it hurts. matching music to image. snowboarding. new emails. new texts. staying up till you can see the light. music festivals (in the rain). chicken noodle soup. lying in the sun. watermelon and mangoes. albums you can listen to all the way through. arguments. documentaries. silhouettes. contrast. a well-constructed frame. corn. modern history. clever quotes. great guitar riffs. hiking boots. cooking. lorn bakery meat pies. with sauce. remixes. diet coke. for the taste. physics and chemistry. live football matches. concerts. lying in bed while it's raining. new information. new skillz. new people. new places.

loathes. cleaning (aside from that awesome feeling when you suck up a pile of stuff with the vacuum). pumpkin. early call times. warm beer. sore backs. having to get out of bed. people who mix up "there", "they're" and "their". ale. smudges on shiny surfaces. licorice. people who eat with their mouth open. bad films. trying to get rid of sand. not being able to find a good park. not being able to see the bottom. flat soft drinks. melted ice-cream. bad manners. bad music covers. being sick. people who loathe sarcasm. seeing herself in photos. snorers. asshole focus pullers. rashes from boardies. getting bored of an artist. sunburn. people who think they're a lot smarter than they actually are. choosing a film to watch. herself for owning tons of awesome records AND NO RECORD PLAYER.

telly. entourage. band of brothers. 30 rock. battlestar galactica. mash. leverage. doctor who. life on mars. stargate: sg-1. stargate: atlantis. firefly. heroes. farscape. ncis. without a trace. pushing daisies. chaser's war on everything. spicks and specks. being human. the x-files. dead like me. how i met your mother. arrested development. wonderfalls. qi. mock the week. mythbusters. hustle. life. spaced. shameless. ashes to ashes. the office {uk}. the office {us}. torchwood. the west wing. spooks. flight of the conchords. the daily show. the colbert report.

film. butch cassidy and the sundance kid. the sting. mash. reservoir dogs. goodfellas. moulin rouge. the royal tenenbaums. in america. hot fuzz. dog day afternoon. hudsucker proxy. fargo. ferris bueller's day off. the hustler. fight club. the third man. children of men. star wars. schindler's list. kiss kiss, bang bang. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. oscar and lucinda. snatch. shaun of the dead. rain man. ocean's eleven. the graduate. i could go on forever.

lit. catch-22. to kill a mockingbird. lord of the flies. 44 scotland street. angels & demons. the blind assassin. hitchhikers guide. hitler's gift. matilda. rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead. chaucer. shakespeare. tom stoppard. john donne. coleridge.


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